Interview with Erik Rutten

Erik Rutten describes his work as investment manager for DSM based in the USA (Silicon Valley, CA)

About Me


Services of Art of Innovations

  • Partnering with early stage companies
  • Developing business plans
  • Developing innovation strategy
  • Setting up financial projections
  • Determining valuation of early stage companies
  • Presentations for investors.
  • Interim management in Innovation, R&D, Business development
  • Consultancy regarding capital raise

Background and experience

Mr. Erik Rutten obtained his Master of Science Chemical Technology (Polymer Science) in combination with an MBA program at the University of Twente (The Netherlands) in1985. He has over 30 years international experience in Business Development, R&D Management and Innovation strategy at DSM. He had leadership positions in DSM Fine Chemicals, Coating Resins, Pharmaceuticals, Corporate R&D and Corporate Innovation Center. During the last 7 years Mr. Rutten was active in DSM's corporate venturing arm in the USA, investing in start-ups and taking Board of Director positions in areas related to food ingredients, nano-materials, bio-based chemicals, biomedical materials, specialty coatings and cleantech. He is the CEO and Founder of "Art of Innovations" a management consultancy firm. Erik Rutten is based in the Netherlands and currently collaborating with a start-up company raising capital to finance development of cultured meat products through tissue and cell engineering technology, with PlenSat BV an early stage company developing a medical device to help people in their fight with obesity and with Visolis BV active in developing Bio-Based chemicals.

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